Yeti is the main character of the game. He is currently on an adventure through the Himalayas. You must guide Yeti across the treacherous icefield. Avoid the fragile cubes, which could cause him to fall and put his life at risk. He must cross the icefield to reach his home.

The game is easy to play. There are rows and columns full of ice cubes. To move from one place to the next, you must pick the right location. It is difficult to determine if ice is thickened or thin. Thinner piles can be broken if you step on them. You will win if you choose the right cubes of Ice.

The amount of money you win will increase as you move through the columns. You can cash out after every successful selection. You can place a minimum wager as low as 0.10 USD and a maximum of 1000 USD. Enjoy the game and have fun.