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Freshbet Casino provides highly engaging mini-games that grab players’ attention and draw them into the simple but captivating environment. Freshbet offers mini games from the leading iGaming solution provider Upgaming. The games are easy and fun to play. Each mini game can be your favorite because of their simplicity and attractive gameplay. This keeps players entertained and engaged. Mini games offer quick gameplay, humorous characters, and many bonuses and incentives.


What mini Games are available ?


SpeedX is a fast-paced crash game where you play as a rider zooming through the city streets at night. The streets are empty except for you and the blue boxes that come your way. These boxes have random bonus multipliers inside them. Your goal is to kick these boxes open to see what bonuses you can get. If you miss a box or choose not to kick it, the game just goes on without any change.


Aero is a simple flying game with clean, attractive graphics and fast-paced action. The gameplay is straightforward: players decide when to eject the pilot to avoid a crash and save their bet. However, players can’t control the plane’s speed, direction, or when it might blow up. The game’s design is minimalistic, with the background visuals changing color and style as the plane climbs higher in the sky. This game is designed to be easy to pick up for casual players and offers engaging, thrilling experience for everyone involved in the game.


This is for the ones who love popped corns and not only for them. The game is simple, funny, engaging, and doesn’t require to rack your brains to find a solution – It’s about pure luck, It’s all about sheer luck, a stroke of good fortune, and a lot of popcorn.

The popcorn machine dispenses corn kernels from above, and to win, these kernels must land in the cups positioned at the machine’s base. Each cup has its own unique multiplier, which varies based on the number of cups you choose and the level of risk you’re willing to take in the game. So, give it a go and enjoy the fun.


Yeti is the main character of the game. He is currently on an adventure through the Himalayas. You must guide Yeti across the treacherous icefield. Avoid the fragile cubes, which could cause him to fall and put his life at risk. He must cross the icefield to reach his home.

The game is easy to play. There are rows and columns full of ice cubes. To move from one place to the next, you must pick the right location. It is difficult to determine if ice is thickened or thin. Thinner piles can be broken if you step on them. You will win if you choose the right cubes of Ice.

The amount of money you win will increase as you move through the columns. You can cash out after every successful selection. You can place a minimum wager as low as 0.10 USD and a maximum of 1000 USD. Enjoy the game and have fun.


Teleport is a game where science and magic can coexist. Dr. Alistair is the main character in Teleport. He’s a mad scientist with a brilliant brain. Your help is needed to avoid dangerous portals that could threaten his life.

To allow the scientist to teleport, you must select the right portal. Be careful when selecting your next step. Some portals are not safe. If you choose the right portal, the scientist will teleport to the next row. If you accidentally hit a portal that is dangerous, the scientist will die. Help the scientist to survive, because you might aid him to make further important discoveries.


This game lets you see what really happened millions of years ago. Dino, being the last survivor of the extinction event,is trying to escape from the asteroids. You will be able to observe the prehistoric environment, and help Dino escape the danger.

This captivating mini-game has been created by Upgaming and is rapidly gaining popularity among gamers and fans. Dino is easy to learn and fun to play. Place your bet before Dino emerges out of the egg and collect the money before the asteroid hits Dino. Minimum bet amount is 0.10 USD/EUR. Max bet equals 1000 USD/EUR.


Chicken is a simple and fun mini-game created by Upgaming. In this game, luck and intuition are the main factors that matter. There are 25 hidden images containing bones and chickens. You must open as many chicken images as possible to win money. Although chickens are a win, even one bone is necessary to lose your bet. Thus, choose wisely and enjoy the game. 

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Frequently asked questions

Although mini games have many features, what makes them different from regular slot games is their fast gameplay and simplified rules. Mini games are fun and entertaining and don’t require too much concentration.

Although all of them are very popular, you can still find a Dino if your search is for the number 1. We can deduce that Dino is the most popular because it has the highest number of positive reviews and likes. Teleport and Chicken are also a favorite for many players and have their followers on different review sites.